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Historical Event on 3/4/1906

Hakim Abdul Majid started his medial dispensary under the name of Hamdard Dawakhana at Delhi.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/5/1893Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952), universalist Hindu, great saint, social reformer, writer and litterateur was born at Gorakhpur. He was the renaissance founder of Self Realization Fellowship (1925) in US, author of famed 'Autobiography of a Yogi' (1946), popular book globalizing India's spiritual traditions.
4/26/1995Indian Newspaper Society (INS) calls off stir plans following Government conceding a major demand of the newspaper industry by putting newsprint on the Open General Licence (OGL) and abolish the condition requiring newspapers to buy two tonnes of indigenous newsprint in order to import one tonne.
11/12/1997India elected to executive board of UNESCO.
10/20/1997All India Hindu Conference begins at Hardwar.
5/3/1994Election Commission recognises DMK headed by M. Karunanidhi as the rightful claimant to the symbol of rising sun and the flag reserved for it.
6/4/1958The three-men Indian Mountaineering group successfully climbed the high Peak in the Garhwal Hills Range.
8/9/1998India moves the World Trade Organisation against the European Union reimposing anti-dumping duties on unbleached cotton gray fabric imports.
8/29/1997B.M. Sumavathi creats national record in heptathlon in the Federation Cup athletics.
10/26/1999The Government rejected the demand that Rajiv Gandhi's name be deleted from the chargesheet in the Bofors case.
12/6/1992300,000 Hindus destroy the mosque of Babri at Ayodhya, India. 4 die and BJP government in UP, led by Kalyan Singh, was dismissed and President's rule promulgated. Then countrywide riots followed. Pakistan and Bangladesh condemned demolition.