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Historical Event on 6/5/1997

Brahmapuram diesel power project, KSEB's first thermal power project, situated 25 km from Kochi, Kerala commissioned.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/1/1954French settlements in India pass under Indian control.
12/22/1843Debendranath Tagore, father of Rabindranath Tagore, accepted Brahmo religion at the hands of Ramchandra Vidyabagish.
10/21/1995L.K.Advani unanimously re-elected BJP president for the fourth time in New Delhi.
5/29/1957Satish Kumar Sareen graduated from the first batch of the JSW and went onto the AFFC for flying training.
9/5/1957Wealth Tax Bill passed in Rajya Sabha.
1/1/1979This year was announced to be observed as the ""International Year of the Child"".
8/1/1990Devi Lal, Dy. PM, dropped from Union Cabinet following wild charges he made against colleagues in an interview with the 'Illustrated Weekly'.
8/13/1998India signs two agreements with the World Bank for concessional credit through the International Development Association for $115.4 million.
4/30/1947The entire nation is stirred by religious strife.
9/25/1914Devilal, former deputy Prime Minister of India and leader of farmers, was born.