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Historical Event on 6/5/1999

The Army releases documents seized from three Pakistani soldiers in the Batalik sector to substantiate its claim that Pakistan regulars are involved in the Kargil conflict.

Other Historical Dates and Events
7/16/1992Shankar Dayal Sharma is appointed President.
1/11/1986The Naval Dockyard Bombay celebrates its 250th Anniversary.
7/14/1998India is elected chairperson of the World Intellectual Property Organisation's standing panel on information technology in relation to Intellectual Property Rights.
7/14/1998Rana Sangram Singh, King of Mewad, fought Babur near Kanwa at Agra and lost the battle and died thereafter. He had vowed not to enter Chittogarh without a victory.
12/24/1762Gopalrao defeated in the battle of Jamkhindi.
5/6/1680Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj was crowned.
8/8/1912Prabhulal Bhatnagar, mathematician and Padmabhushan awardee, was born.
9/24/1777Sarfoji Bhosle, king of Tanjawar, was born.
1/26/1950Dr. Rajendra Prasad (1884-1963) became the first President of India. He remained President from Jan. 26,1950 to May 13, 1962.
6/30/1855Santhals of Rajmahal Hills, Santhal-Paragana, Bihar started their agitation against ill treatment by Britishers, revenue officers, police, landlords and moneylenders under the leadership on Sindhu and Kanhu at Bhoranadhighi, Bengali.