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Historical Event on 11/13/1917

Vasantrao Banduji Patil, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/20/1997Sheri Bamboat and Hamshad Bamboat win National sea-bird sailing title.
2/1/1785Warren Hastings left India on Feb 8 and attended the Council meeting for the last time.
12/1/1997At least 61 persons, including 22 women and 17 children, belonging to SC and extremely backward communities are gunned down by banned private army of feudal landlords, Ranbir Sena, at Bathe-Lakshmanpur village in Bihar's Jehanabad district.
7/6/2000Mohan Lal bags Best Actor Award for his sensitive portrayal of a Kathakali artist in ''Vaanasprastham'' and the film wins the Best Feature Film and Best Editing Awards at the 47th National Film Festival-2000.
1/5/1953Andhra University celebrated its silver jubilee.
3/13/1997Sister Nirmala Joshi, 63, is chosen to succeed Mother Teresa as the Superior-General of Missionaries of Charity.
9/28/2000Marion Jones wins the 200m gold medal at Sydney.
7/26/1922Girilal Jain, famous journalist and editor, was born.
7/21/1947Indian Constitution Assembly accepted the tricolour flag as its National Flag. This flag is with three equal horizontal stripes of Saffron (Sacrifice), White (Truth) and Green (Prosperity) and a Chakra is superimposed on white (Dharma Chakra on the capitol of Ashoka's Pillar at Sarnath) in blue colour having 24 spokes. The ratio of the width to length is two to three.
1/30/1903Lord Curzon opened the Imperial Library in in Metcalfe Hall at Calcutta.