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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
09/21/1746 French expeditionary army occupies Labourdonnais & Dupleix Madras.
09/21/1857 Bahadurshah Jafar - II surrendered against the British troops.
09/21/1862 Venkat Apparao Gurjad, famous Telegu poet, playwright, story writer, critic and social reformer, was born.
09/21/1895 Annapurnanand, great writer, was born.
09/21/1898 Tushar Kanti Ghosh, famous journalist, was born.
09/21/1912 Firoz Gandhi, great politician, was born.
09/21/1933 Annie Besant, great social worker and founder of Home Rule Movement, passed away.
09/21/1938 Prof. Raghuveer Singh Rathore, Cricket Test umpire for one test in 1990-91, was born in Rajasthan.
09/21/1945 British promise India independence.
09/21/1948 Formation of Press Trust of India (PTI) announced under an agreement signed between Reuters and Indian and Eastern Newspapers Society.
09/21/1954 Last Indian troops withdraw from Tibet.
09/21/1962 Major General I. J. Rikhye completed the task in accordance with the memorandum to UNSF, thus fulfilling the mandate of cessation of hostilities without any incident.
09/21/1966 Mihir Sen swam the Bay of Persia.
09/21/1984 National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources and National Institute of Animal Genetics were set up. These institutes were initially located in the campus of southern regional station of National Dairy Research Institute, Bangalore. They were then shifted to Karnal in July 1985.
09/21/1990 Supreme Court refuses to stay implementation of Mandal Commission Report.
09/21/1992 The Officers Training School (OTS) women were inducted into the Army as Officers, and the onerous task of training the Lady Cadets of WSES (O) courses commenced at the OTS.
09/21/1992 Tarachand Barjatya, film producer, passed away.
09/21/1994 Outbreak of pneumonic plague in Surat, Gujarat.
09/21/1994 Ramkrishna Bajaj, freedom fighter and veteran industrialist, passed away.
09/21/1995 Rumors that statues of the Hindu god Ganesh were drinking milk spread in New Delhi.
09/21/1996 Apang (Legislative Party leader of Arunachal Congress) sworn in as Arunachal Pradesh chief minister again.
09/21/1996 Rao resigns Congress Party President post.
09/21/1997 Mahesh Bhupathi wins a cliff-hanger as India clinches Davis Cup World Group play-off tie against Chile 3-2 in Delhi.
09/21/1997 I. K. Gujral and Nawaz Sharif discussed in New York the recent flare-up on Line of Control and firing across the border.The two agreed that such sources of tension should not be allowed.
09/21/1999 Mr. A. C. Muthiah was elected president and Kapil Dev the senior coach at the Board of Control of Cricket in India AGM in Jaipur.
09/21/2000 J.W. Singh, suspended Mumbai High Court judge facing charges of extortion in nexus with the underworld, dismissed from judicial service.


Other Historical Dates and Events
11/15/1998Naresh & Girdhari Lal Yadav win the National Enterprise sailing championship in Mumbai.
04/18/1931Lord Willingdon took over as the Viceroy of India.
10/21/2000Seema Antil becomes the first Indian ever to win a global title by bagging a gold medal in disc throw in the World Junior Athletic championship in Santiago.
04/16/1918Spike Milligan, famous actor and comedian (Digby, 3 Musketeers), was born in India.
07/12/1489Bahlul Khan Lodi, an Afghan and founder of Lodi dynasty, died in Delhi.
11/09/1972Laxmi Poruri, guntur India and tennis star (1994 Futures-College Park), was born.
01/12/1995Kerala's birthrate drops to 17.5 per 1000.
03/03/1967India signed the International Space Treaty in Moscow.
03/30/1994Bombay beat Bengal by 8 wickets to win Cricket's Ranji Trophy.
03/30/1996Congress I splits in Tamil Nadu. Group led by G.K. Moopanar makes alliance with DMK.