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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
6/15/1659 Aurangzeb was declared as the Emperor of India at Red Fort Delhi.
6/15/1659 Aurangzeb declared as the Emperor at Delhi.
6/15/1899 Roy Chowdhury Devipasad, modern Indian sculptor and painter, was born.
6/15/1907 Narayan Ganesh Goray, freedom fighter and socialist, was born at Hindala (Maharashtra).
6/15/1908 Stock Exchange of Calcutta was opened of Baldeodas Daduawala and Overened.
6/15/1937 Kumar Shri Indrajitsinhji, cricketer (Indian keeper in 60's), was born in Jamnagar.
6/15/1947 All-India Congress accepts British plan for partition of India in New Delhi.
6/15/1948 Rajah Annamalai Chettiar, famous musician, social worker and Governor of the Imperial Bank of India, passed away.
6/15/1949 Uloor S. Parmeswara Iyer, famous poet, writer, editor and literature, died. He was 72.
6/15/1953 Internal Air Route Corporation of India was established.
6/15/1960 Bardwan University was established in West Bengal.
6/15/1966 U.S. resumes full economic aid to India and Pakistan.
6/15/1969 Dr. Darashaw Nosherwan Wadia, great pioneer in Indian Geology and professor in development of geo-scientific research in the country, passed away at New Delhi at the age of 86.
6/15/1982 Supreme Court rules that all children, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to public education.
6/15/1986 K. K. Tarapore, cricketer (Test for India 1948), was killed in a motor-scooter accident.
6/15/1988 Dalai Lama recoganised the rights of China in foreign affairs and Army Operations in Tibet region.
6/15/1990 Punjab Government returned gold and other valuables seized from Golden Temple during the 1984 Blue Star operation to SGPC.
6/15/1991 About 50% of the 180.3 million electorate cast their votes in the final phase of Lok Sabha elections.
6/15/1991 General Election (10th) of India ends. In this election Indian National Congress won.
6/15/1993 PM Narasimha Rao visits Oman; India and Oman decide to give each other MFN status.


Other Historical Dates and Events
9/4/1996Celebration of Platinum jubilee of B.Y.L. Nair Charitable Hospital and Topiwal National Medical College from 4th September 1995 to 4th September 1996 (CIVIC).
9/6/1999Vyjayanthimala Bali, former Congress (I) MP, joins the BJP.
9/10/1858Manilal Nathubhai Dwivedi, great author and father of modern Gujarati poems, was born.
5/15/1958Aruna Asaf Ali became the Mayor of Delhi.
12/11/1780Goddard General, Bassein fort was captured near Bombay.
2/24/1946Mrs. Kashibai and Mrs. Babbai Lakshman, freedom fighters, were shot dead by the police.
5/7/1907The First Electric Tramway service commenced in Bombay (Mumbai). This service was inaugurated by Municipality Chairman Vallabhdas Thakersey and Municipal Commissioner Sheppard at 5.30 p.m. This tram was well decorated and destined from Municipal Office upto Crawford Market.
2/24/1674Prataprao Gujar, a great Maratha warrior at the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, died.
3/1/1997India `A' blanks Sri Lanks 5-0 in the inaugural tennis `Tests' in Delhi.
4/22/1999Lok Sabha passes the 1999-2000 general budget through voice vote but without a debate and without amendments.