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Historical Event on 6/5/1996

Kubernath Rai, well known writer, passed away.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/29/1953The States Reorganisation Commission.
7/13/1830Raja Ram Mohun Roy and Alexander Duff, in 1921 Scottish Church College, General Assembly s Institution was established with only five students, where teaching of the Bible took an important part.
12/7/1992Religious riots swept across India in the wake of the destruction of the ancient Babri Masjid mosque by rampaging Hindu fanatics in the northern Indian town of Ayodhya yesterday. More than 800 people had been killed and hundreds injured as Muslim and Hindu mobs stabbed, shooted and beat each other. The violence had thrown the government into chaos and had spilled into the neighboring states of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The army had been called out to restore order in Bombay, where street battles left 41 dead. The stock market had been closed down and Parliament forced to adjourn. Advani quit as the leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha.
10/9/2000The Centre appoints Yogendra Narain as the new defence secretary and K. Sibal as the secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs while effecting a major bureaucratic reshuffle.
11/13/1998Tendulkar blazes as India wins the Coca Cola Cup at Sharjah beating Zimbabwe in the final.
10/28/1991Chruchill Alemao of Goa set free by court.
4/6/1934Nilkanth Yashwant Khadilkar, editor of Marathi daily newspaper, was born.
9/5/1987Shanbagh, Vandana Rao, Shiny and Usha sets record in the women's category for 4x400m race in 3.31.55 seconds at Rome .
8/4/1979Indian Airlines AVRO-748 crashes in to a hill near Bombay.
5/26/1916Rangnath Manohar Joshi (Nirmal Guruji), Marathi author, was born.