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'Passing coolness test as Black Widow will be a parenting win', says Kareena

Author : IANS

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New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANS) “There's a bit of me in her and a bit of her in me”, said Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is voicing the iconic superhero Black Widow in Hindi and feels that it would be a parenting win if she passes the coolness test.

Kareena has lent her voice to Black Widow in Marvel’s 'Westlanders: Black Widow', a third installment of the Hindi Audible podcast series.

With superheroes being loved universally, how will Kareena’s children Jeh and Taimur’s reaction be like?

“The beauty of this story lies in its universality; Superheroes have this ability to resonate with people across generations, and I believe this podcast series is no exception. I can't wait for my kids to listen to me as Black Widow,” Kareena told IANS.

The diva feels that her elder son Taimur will probably be more critical.

“Jeh is still young but who knows, Taimur will probably be more critical than any critic out there! (But in all seriousness, I think he'll love the adventure, the suspense, and of course, the action!) Especially because it's a different experience for him as well - listening to his mother as a superhero,” she said.

Kareena added: “But let's be honest, kids today have an impressive understanding of what's cool and what's not. If I manage to pass the coolness test with this series, I'll consider it a parenting win!”

The ‘Jab We Met’ star shared the news about voicing Black Widow to her husband Saif Ali Khan. She also shared that he immediately said that she must take it up because if there was anyone fit to play the part in Hindi, it had to be her.

“That was very reassuring for me because I love the character of Black Widow. She has strength, intelligence, and depth of character. Her journey is inspiring and she displays resilience and courage. She's not your typical superhero; she's flawed and complex, and that's what makes her so relatable,” said the 43-year-old star.

She added: “There's a bit of me in her and a bit of her in me. Just as she is passionate about protecting her loved ones, I share the same passion for protecting the ones I love."

Kareena believes there are parallels between Black Widow's personality and her own.

“We are both determined and like to take on challenges. I loved embodying her bold and headstrong nature because I've always been drawn to characters who break stereotypes, and Black Widow is the epitome of that.

‘It's empowering to portray a character who defies expectations and stands her ground.

I have also lived by that in my 23-year-long career,” said the actress, who made her debut in 2000 with ‘Refugee’.

“So, yes, there are similarities between her and me,” she said.

Kareena has thoroughly enjoyed voicing the iconic character and bringing her own touch to it.



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